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Meet ross edgley

Ross Edgley (born 13th October 1985 in Grantham, England) is an adventurer and author best known for becoming the first person in history to swim all the way around Great Britain. After 2,000 miles and 157 days the World Open Water Swimming Association announced it as the World Swim of the Year 2018 and it became officially recognised as "The World's Longest Staged Sea Swim." Now considered a leading expert in mental fortitude and physical resilience, Ross has since published a series of Sunday Times No.1. Bestselling books title; "The World's Fittest Book" (2018) "The Art of Resilience" (2020), "Blueprint" (2022) and "The World's Fittest Cookbook" (2022).

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Born into a sporting family (his father was a tennis coach, his mother was a sprinter and his grand parents were marathon runners and in the military), he studied at Kings Grammar School Grantham, later graduated from Loughborough University's School of Sport and Exercise Science and has since spent 20 years travelling the world as an athlete adventurer raising money for environmental charities. To date, he has:

  • Worked as a Chagra (mountain cowboy) in Cotopaxi (Avenue of the Volcanoes) in Ecuador 

  • Trained with the Yamabushi warrior monks of Mount Sanjogatake in Japan

  • Lived as an Evenki reindeer herder in Siberia enduring temperatures as cold as -40 °C

  • Wrestled sharks in the Bahamas working as a shark wrangler 

  • Studied with the Yaminawá shaman of the Amazon jungle 

  • Explored the underwater caves of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico

  • Hunted with the San Bushmen of Namibia covering an ultra marathon a day in 40 °C heat in search of food 

  • Handled poisonous cobras in Bangladesh working as a snake charmer


Past charity work includes:

  • Running a marathon pulling a 1.4 tonne car (the media dubbed, “The World’s Strongest Marathon”)  

  • Climbing a rope the height of Everest (8,848m) (the media dubbed, “The World’s Longest Rope Climb”)  

  • Running 1,000 miles barefoot in a month carrying a 50kg backpack 

  • Completing an Olympic Distance Triathlon carrying a 100lbs tree 

  • Running 31 marathons in 31 days on a treadmill in his kitchen trialling different recipes

  • Swimming over 100km across the Caribbean Sea pulling a 100lbs tree 

  • Swimming non-stop for 48 hours at the Commando Training Centre for the Royal Marines

  • Swimming non-stop for 53 hours in Loch Ness (Scotland) 

Future plans

In 2022, Ross announced although he continues to climb mountains and cross jungles, he is now focusing primarily on ultra-distance swimming as a sport and vehicle to help protect our oceans, support environmental campaigns close to his heart and ultimately serve as a "tool" to raise awareness around key issues that need immediate public attention if we're to keep our oceans blue and planet green. 

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