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  • How much does an app cost?
    It depends on which type of app you need. For unlimited free app users, it's $99/month on our annual plan. For unlimited paid users it's $159/month. This comes with your own custom IOS, Android, and web apps, along with access to our form builders, customer support, and website builder. To choose your template, click here Reach out to for more questions, and happy building!
  • What types of businesses do you support?
    we have powerful tools built for the following types of businesses. Fitness - Fitness influencers, coaches, trainers, teams, athletes, gyms etc Schools - Elementary, secondary, colleges, school clubs, school sports, etc. Course creators - Videography, SEO, web design, marketing, investing, real estate, trading, music, etc. Communities - Facebook groups, neighborhoods, book clubs, masterminds, networking, events, podcasts, interest groups, etc.
  • Do I need to know how to code?
    Short answer: no Long answer: All you need to do is pick a stunning template, upload your content (like uploading content to instagram) and publishing. Then simply share your sign-up forms with your audience and enjoy your new business tool!
  • How long does it take to launch an app?
    We've had people launch in 2 days. As long as you are happy with the content inside your app, you can press the "Launch my app" button and away you go! Most commonly people launch in 30 days just to make sure everything is looking the best it can.
  • How do I build the app?
    If you've ever used a drag and drop website builder, it might be similar to that - but a little easier. You will receive access to your own dashboard where you can upload logos, edit colors, and pick your app name. There are also instructional videos throughout the builder and customer support to help you in case you get stuck Easy peazy.
  • Is there a money-back guarentee?
    Yes, a 60-day money-back guarentee if we don't meet your expectations, but don't worry. Once you see your app in the app stores and hear the feedback from friends and family, you'll want to keep your app for the lifetime of your business!
  • Do I need an app icon or logo?
    Yes, we provide templates to help guide you in the creative process or you can bring your own. You can even hire us to build an app icon for you! App icons are 250x250 pixels and must be a jpeg. You'll have access to our templates within your dashboard.
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